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Why become certified in Shiatsu? 

Flexible schedule •  Transferrable to a number of settings •  Greater knowledge of healing •  Professional certification

Shandoah Goldman demonstrates Shiatsu

Walk-In Shiatsu Clinic

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Brattleboro, Vermont

First Fridays from 5-8pm

​BODYWORK SERVICES:  Community Shiatsu Clinic and Private Sessions. 

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​​CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS:  Shiatsu School of Vermont offers Associate and Professional level Shiatsu certification programs.   Enroll now for Sept 10

We all have a healing touch. Ignite yours with knowledge of the meridian lines and their corresponding organ systems. 

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The  American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia, AOBTA is the national professional membership association of the practitioners, instructors, and schools/programs of the various Asian Bodywork Forms.