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"​I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare connective tissue disorder that causes joint dislocations and chronic pain. it also negatively affects a person’s proprioception: I can’t tell where my body is in space. After seeing so many doctors and specialists who told me nothing could be done to ease my pain, or suggested I try heavy pain killers or sever my nerves altogether, I decided to try shiatsu at Shiatsu School of Vermont. What did I have to lose? After just one session I noticed a difference in my knee pain, which I’d been dealing with for four years. I had severe nerve damage in my knee from an accident so even light touch was very painful. I’d tried topical pain killers, physical therapy, multiple knee braces, all with no improvement. Shiatsu was the only thing that helped, because Shiatsu works WITH the body and helps the body use its own healing system effectively. Please, if you live with chronic pain, don’t keep seeking help from people who do not believe you can heal. Shiatsu is non invasive. You don’t have to deal with insurance companies, and you will discover the empowerment that comes with realizing your body has its own fantastic healing system. Shiatsu helps your body do what it is meant to do. Your body WANTS to heal. Let it." --Paula Marie Jan 8, 2017

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Shandoah Goldman demonstrates Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu is a form of Asian Medicine from Japan, a meditative physical practice that brings healing to the practitioner as well as the client. Zen Shiatsu uses diagnostic and treatment goals that are similar to Acupuncture, achieved through a series of centered, improvised bodywork techniques similar to Thai Massage.

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