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Besides developing their healing touch, students will learn three meridians, ten pressure points, and be able to give a 30 minute Shiatsu Session.

​​The AOBTA will now grant credit for teens who complete the 500-hour Shiatsu Practitioner Program at the Shiatsu School of Vermont during their junior and senior years. Graduates will receive full certification as professional Shiatsu Practitioners when they turn 18.

The American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia is the national professional membership association of the practitioners, instructors, and schools / programs of the various Asian Bodywork Forms.

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Everyone has a healing touch. 

Ignite yours with the knowledge of Zen Shiatsu!

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Great News! The Shiatsu School of Vermont is the first school in the country to offer Shiatsu certification to teens!

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Shiatsu is not only for healing, but also for teen athletes, dancers, gymnasts, and others who would like to study a system of energy lines and points that has been used for centuries by martial artists to enhance performance, avoid injury, and keep the body in tip top shape. 

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Did you know that SHIATSU traces its origins to the Samurai Warriors of 12th century Japan who learned how to access the body’s energetic network to cultivate their power and recover faster from their injuries?

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Teen Shiatsu Exploratory

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